Suninder Sandha – A Trailblaizer Persona

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Suninder Sandha – A Trailblaizer Persona

A visionary in the real sense, Suninder Sandha started off his journey at a tender age of 19, when most of his peers were enjoying life and in the middle of discovering their paths. The journey was difficult enough, but he carved the path himself. ‘An entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer,’ a saying that best suits Suninder Sandha.

University of Birmingham graduate, Suninder Sandha has worked with many renowned MNC’s like Atlantic Finance House, AIG, Millennium Spire, Imperia, as a Chief Marketing Executive. This experience has been handy for him to build his real estate empire.

He is a person who gets inspired by minuscule things. Having an eye for details, Suninder Sandha got attracted to the architectural field. His thirst for knowledge eventually led to the formation of a real estate firm, Concept Capital. Concept Capital, under the valuable guidance of Suninder Sandha, deals with designing and building of unique structures with an amalgamation of innovation and art. Suninder Sandha is aware of the fact that building a firm and sustaining in this competitive market is not a cake walk. He was able to sail through hardships and achieve success only because of his high ethics; he believed in his ideas when nobody did and also ensured that his ideas achieve successful goals.

Mr. Sandha has a diverse experience in domestic and international markets which has enabled him to work on 10 commercial and over 8 residential projects so far. Catering to all the demands of his customers is the principal objective of his firm and they follow it prudently. His values and core beliefs have helped him attain the success which many people just imagine to have and his many national and international awards in business leadership sanctions it. For more details, please see, ‘The World’s Greatest Leaders 2015 Asia & GCC Award Winner’ video at:

Although having a decent background, Suninder Sandha is attached to his roots. He is a philanthropist by heart – corporate social responsibility is of prime importance to him. Sticking to this principle, Suninder Sandha is undertaking many initiatives, such as education of under privileged children and distribution of clothes and food in slum areas. Animal welfare and clean India drive are the closest to his heart. These are some ways through which Suninder Sandha is lending a helping hand to the underprivileged to eradicate problems from society. “Almighty and my country have given so much to me, it’s my duty and emotional responsibility to give back to the community,” says Sandha. His company, Concept Capital is involved in CSR activities in association with World Hope Foundation:

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