Suninder Sandha A Potent force in Real Estate

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Suninder Sandha A Potent force in Real Estate

Suninder Sandha is the director of the real estate giant, Concept Capital. Under his tutelage,
Concept Capital has come to be associated with unique buildings blending both art and
innovation. This is because Suninder Sandha with his penchant for the architectural field and
eye for details has been the driving force behind all the successful projects undertaken by
Concept Capital. His ideas took shape in practical forms through the projects and made him

Suninder Sandha’s journey in the real estate business started at the young age of 19 when he
started working in the family business. He went on to develop many innovative customer
systems for client management, production management, sales tracking, raw material tracking,
forecasting and inventory, stock management and sales CRM through direct and indirect

Suninder Sandha is a graduate from the University of Birmingham and a double masters
graduate to boot. He has immense experience in working in working with many MNCs such as
Atlantic Finance House, Millennium Spire and Imperia in the capacity of Chief Marketing
Executive. Furthermore, he was also a part of the team that developed and marketed the
online retail website, which is one of the biggest websites of its
kind in the UK. All the experience he gathered over the years has contributed in his vast
knowledge of both domestic and international real estate market.

His values and beliefs combined with his knowledge have enabled him to deliver 10 commercial
and 8 residential projects successfully all over India. The main objective of his firm is to fulfill all
the demands of the customers without compromising on ethics and values. In
acknowledgement of his stellar performance, Mr Sandha was awarded “The World’s Greatest
Leaders 2015 Asia and GCC” award in an event held at Dubai by URS international process
reviewed by Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Suninder Sandha is well aware of corporate social responsibility and is never found wanting
when it comes to philanthropic pursuits. His philanthropic activities include sponsoring
education for underprivileged children and distribution of food and clothes in slum areas
among others. He is also actively involved in clean India initiatives and animal welfare. Concept
Capital is also undertaking many CSR activities in association with Word Hope Foundation. Mr.
Sandha believes that he has received a lot from god and the country and it is his sacred duty
and emotional responsibility to give back something to the community.

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